A couple of messages from the lands within this morning..

There’s an energetic escalation at the moment so “mind the head.

The fracturing we see happening outside is also happening in our minds .
The same darkness that is vying for control “out there” is also trying to hijack on the inside .
The torment you feel within is an epic battle between who you really are and the illusion of who you thought you were .
The tactics of the split-off , illusory self are clever .
Don’t forget that its intelligence came from the same origin as you.
It knows it is in danger of being seen for what it is (a lie ) so it will employ all it has now to hold on to its power .
And that includes making us think it is on our side.
Be wary of this .
Know the difference .
Ask your heart .
If your heart is unsure tell it to ask your spirit.
What it doesn’t have though,
because it has cut itself off ,
Is the Truth.
And as those before have promised
The Truth Shall Set You Free .
So as the truth rises out of its quiet peaceful realms of Love ,
All that has been built on top of it must break open .
It is the only way .
This means lots of rupturing, collapsing of external and internal structures etc. …

We are in new , never travelled before terrain in our external and internal worlds.
So the very first priority is to go slowly , tread gently , observe ourselves and the lands we are moving through, within and without , so we don’t fall through any cracks .
It is important to be clear on where within us anything we do “out there” is coming from .
Know that your thoughts aren’t always , often not at all, yours.
They are often the same “propaganda “ you see “out there” being used to make you so afraid that you are easy work .
You will know the truth by it’s lack of fear .
I feel sure today that we will see better times ❤️

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