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Can be as loud and chaotic as a roaring hurricane,
Or as eerily quiet as the eye of a storm .
Either way,
It is as natural as the wind blowing through a valley.
Wind will follow its own desired path having no respect for obstacles .
It is as expected as the river where it joins the sea ,
The rivers water will flow around all barriers ,
If it cannot flow around ,
It will patiently and methodically,
With no care for time,
Ware a route through all impediments ,
Refusing to be deterred from its journey towards its natural destination,
A merging with its own vast origin.

Resistance to tyranny can be as the fires of the sun ,
Its rays of light energising all warriors in need of vitality .
But when greater heat is required, it’s flames are ready to scorch and burn all that has dried up and no longer in service to Life.

The death alchemised ashes of tyranny
Become a fertilised Earth-bed for the seeds of Life .
Having breached the boundaries of illusion,
Wisdom of its own potential now nurturing LIfe’s resurrection
As a magnificent uncontainable force
Captive .

Resistance to tyranny is
Wind ,
Fire ,
And their many faces.
It is powered by the Original Source of these mighty manifest gods
It’s victory as natural and inevitable as their being .
They are the wisdom teachers.
Pay heed to their ways and follow their lead.
The destination is inevitable
The length of the journey is not .

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