The Crowning of Eve

Happy birthday to you Beautiful Eve ❤️


First Woman,

Original Daughter,

Born from womb of Primordial Mother.

All of Her being imbued with wisdom

Of the Great Mystery – before creation.

All knowledge permeates her being, looks outward from her,

Marvelling at the magnificence of its own genesis,

Beginnings laboured to Life, through her, over and over infinitely.

She was conceived by Divine Fusion of the Original Lovers;

The Pristine Two of One.


Ancestral daughter,

You have travelled far.

You have laboured and bled,

Endured milennia of capture and distance from your homeland ,

And the abiding grief of First Woman’s lineage.

Master birther,

Medicine Woman,



The power of what you are, terrifying those ignorant of divinity .


Pain-eater ,



Transmuting inherited delusion

Into the resurrection of souls.


She soothes their sorrows with your gentle voice.

Her sacred arms open and reach for them through you.

She embraces them with your presence

Calls them to remember through you.


In name and nature .
Devi sings to you through the aeons,

Know you are Blessed.
You are of First Woman.
Daughter of Original Mother.
Your blood began to flow in Eden.
Your first breath was drawn from the out-breath of the Original Tree .
The tree She did not steal from but from whom She was stolen.

She takes trees for lovers .
Somewhere deep inside Her,

There is the faintest memory of being wedded to a tree.

They lived together in joyous harmony in the centre of Paradise.
Their limbs never but entwined

So that neither knew where the other began or ended .
Ecstatic union ,
Divine communion ,
Until one day She was torn from Her lover

By an envious admirer who could not bare to witness or trust such rapture.

He sought to capture it so he could possess it, keep it for himself.
He dragged Her from Eden.

He forbid Her and her daughters to speak of that place ever .


Hid the secret of paradise and Her union with her Beloved

In her sanctified belly.
In the descendent blood of all Her daughters and their daughters thereafter conceived,

The perpetual immovable knowledge of Who She Is remains ,

It could , never be truly lost or forgotten ,
Since all were and are born of that sacred union.

Eve ,
Descendent daughter of First Woman,
Born in this Age of Great Awakening,
When the Primordial Mother can no longer bare the distance from her children ,
When She rises with great urgency ,
No heed for what Her power causes to fall

And be destroyed

As She ascends through the ages that buried her,

To take her rightful place on Her throne.
She calls out to Her lineage of daughters to rise with her,
To meet Her at the gates of the original garden .
Enter there with her ,

Follow Her to the centre ,
Where the Primordial Father has long awaited his divine lover and their daughters.
Paradise, no longer bereft of Her will spring into symphony .

And the kingdom of Eden will rejoice for it is time now for
Her return,

It is time now

For the Crowning of Eve.

One thought on “The Crowning of Eve

  1. Holy wowsers Annette…this is some writing from you. A powerful tsunami of beautiful expression about the divine feminine. ♥️❤♥️💞♥️💞


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