A New Dawn

Have no compassion for fear .

Fear is the poison of preference for the enemy of Love .

Fear is one whom, if you could perceive the depth of its dark and murderous intention ,

You would at once and mercilessly cut off its head before it had the time to capture an innocent heart.

Do not allow fear to fool you into believing that compassion for it ,

Is compassion for the captured one .

The captured one has been blindfolded and cannot see.

Do not say

“I am so sorry you cannot see, these are indeed hard times “ .

With an army of seers from infinite realms behind you in glad allegiance , shout from the depth of your being ;

“Take off your blindfold !

Do not accept his poison!

This sweet talking demon who would convince you he has honourable intentions is but a figment of your lost souls imagination !

Do not believe the terrible visions he plants in your mind ! “

Call out to the captured through the fog of their confusion ;

“Come! Let us find our way !

Let us evict this devious tenant from the home of our hearts !

Let us follow the road many remembering souls are now walking!

Guard the gates of your mind and only permit entry to love and freedom and remembering !

All history is over !

All future does not yet exist!

Both are healed in this moment ! “

Cast him out!

My love for you will not tolerate his occupation of your being!

Hold my hand and let us go meet who we are together .

Let us not stop for shelter lest fear might set that camp on fire while we are within.

Let us brave all he brings to us and upon us ,

In the wisdom planted within the seed and egg of our beginning,

That tells us we are beyond him and all his illusions .

Let us stare him in the eye so intently, so unwaveringly until the realisation of just Who we are begins to shatter the empty fragile shell that he is .

Let him fall to his knees shaking in terror of the Light we are made of ,

In recognition of the One he has for aeons been trying to usurp – and how futile this attempt always was !

How could the Dark King possibly overthrow the One who is dreaming him?!

He knows his days are numbered and tries his best to keep the dreamers asleep .

But enough sleep has been had and it’s almost morning.

The dream of the dark in all its forms were a necessary contrast , for experiencing the creative force of Light.

Come let us awaken and go to greet the sunrise and bring all of the Great Dreamer’s knowing gained from aeons of imaginings

To Whole Awakened Being in a New Dawn. “

~Annette Morris Keane

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