No thank you Sir.

The man in the angular suit, the colour of steel,

With the brightly coloured noose around his neck

And the folder under his arm containing all his importance,

Looks like he’s been slowly choking his way to death all his life .

Yet he speaks to me of freedom.

He places a cage in my path.

He stands by its open door .

His hand on the key in the lock ,

“…Ready , Aim, Lock….”

And he tells me I must step into this cage in order to be free.

I am barefoot .

The fibres of my well worn clothes are a magnet for blades of scutch grass, hen feathers, dog and cat hairs .

My long unruly hair is greyer by the week , my face is lined with old laughter and trials .

I have clay under my finger nails .

I thrill at the bite of morning frost on my face

And the roar of winter storms .

No thank you sir.

And he is there by the cage trying to entice me in with fear

Of all that lies out beyond its imprisoning bars.

He whispers of “detention” and “force”.

He does it cleverly, dropping these words “incidentally” here and there.

Says he doesn’t agree with it , but these are extraordinary times and “force” is but a last resort he doesn’t suspect he needs to use

Because “most decent people” know the cage is the best place for all

If they want to be free.

How wrong you are sir .

“Most decent people” have a line in the sand and are tired of your invitation,

And they now feel a stirring of something they don’t yet understand in their heart .

They will understand .

That day is coming faster by the moment.

“Detention” is not the concern of the spirit

Which cannot be contained without its own permission.

“Force” is met with an opposite of equal magnitude –

According to the science you say we must follow .

The indomitable soul slips easily from the cloth of the detained body.

What could depriving of entertainment mean

To one who spends each day of this life knowing both she and you are actors on the greatest stage of all ?

Expulsion from the gallery barely touches the one who bows to the passing snail

And is overcome with joy at the sight of his magnificent divinely designed spiral shell?

The attempt to steal music from this one costs her nothing

For I have been enraptured by birdsong and brought to my knees by the symphonies of the whole universe !

What could the threat of restriction and separation mean to one who travels the astral planes at night when the body is at rest

And while there, enters the spirit-homes of loved ones to


In Love


With my family and companions

Unmasked by the illusions of the body

Or indeed of time and space itself ?

I have no care for your promise of safety from suffering and death,

For I welcome all suffering that brings me closer to my creator,

And a fearless death will bring me home to that One.

I respectfully disregard the credentials you insist give you admission

To the host bodies of millions of souls –


For your attempt to enter and desecrate the Sacred House and make it your dominion .

Don’t you understand this is a fruitless cause of yours ?

For only the sanctified can enter Here .

And your endeavours are seen for what they are .

I live in Paradise.

She is my medicine .

Our Creator sees and knows each of us .

Including you .

All that matters to this One is pureness of heart and that we awaken to our true heritage .

This One will do whatever it takes for that to be made so .

You are but a wandering, wayward, fallen soul

Drowning in a sea of fear,

In terror of your own mortality,

Grabbing other souls and pulling them under you ,

Attempting to make them your boat .

That sea of yours is not true and I will not be joining you there .

Do as you will .

I am ready for whatever role my creator desires me to play on this great stage ,

Even if you and I must face each other in battle .

I am not afraid of you or any of your weapons.

No thank you sir .

I decline your invitation .

I pass on your cage .

My journey onward awaits.

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