A Christmas message

The Beloved …

Is above you ,

Below you ,

Surrounds you on all sides ,

Is living

And being

Through you,

Beating your heart ,

Coursing through your veins ,

Breathing you ,

Animating your being ,

Is in your seeing ,

In your hearing ,

In your dreaming ,

Upon your waking,

In the mirror of your friends and enemies ,

Beaming from the heights of your joys ,

Calling out to you from the depths of your grief,

Awaiting to greet your tired and weary heart,

Behind the closed door of your denial of Him,

Never apart,

Always here ,

An infusion of your divine origin and the manifest matter of your being,

Is in the purity of innocence,

Is beckoning you home through the darkness of sin ;

Yours and others visited upon you ,

For which not you nor they will be punished.

All errors are in service to the same Master as Love

A warning from Him of forgotten knowledge,

Of a turning away from your own Self –

Your own unassailable divinity

And the final word of the One who made you.

At the height of all ages before ,

When His children had lost their way ,

He entered the human dream,

Over and over through the aeons

Adorned in the flesh and blood of the prophets,

And The Christ.

He came through them to say;

“ I belong to you ,

You belong to Me ,

You are never alone.

All emerged from Me ,

All returns to Me .

He is not “he”or “she”.

His identity cannot be contained in a word ,

for He IS the original Word.

Silence is the gateway to an audience with Him.

The second coming will not be of the flesh

It will be in the awakening from the dream.

A great seeing will befall His people .

The shattering of their illusions will break their hearts

And push them to the verge of insanity ,

But just as they cannot endure anymore ,

Just as they fall into exhausted surrender

The fire of their pain will awaken them

And Love will drench them

With the healing waters of His Grace .

And they will realise they were dreaming

And that all through those lifetimes of being

They had never left their Beloved

Nor He they .

The Beloved awaits

And knows it will not be long now

Until His children remember Him.

Do not be afraid .

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