Airmed, of the Tuatha de Danaan, known for her prowess in healing those who fell in battle (Ref. TJ Drysdale photography , Getty Images)

When sick to the bone with heartbreak for the world

Let us be the medicine .

When the pain of such a time is so intense it’s hard to breathe

Let us exhale into a state of surrender

And give all our breath in service to Love.

When all that was, seems to be dying ,

Let us be like the creatures beneath our feet

Eating the decay of Life’s infinite cycling

Then alchemising it’s deadness into nourishment

For the work of new beginnings .

Let us be the medicine ,

The antidote to the disease which is terror of ending.

Kmowing this is not ending ,

It is transformation .

Though we strived for it , we were never promised comfort here

We were wordlessly promised a purpose , a role in creation ,

A way to find out

Just how magnificent, as cells of our Creator we are ,

The candle cannot know its own flame if it never leaves the sun.

Only in darkness does it discover just how bright it shines.

Only in sickness is the elixir within called upon.

When the medicine without becomes poisonous

Let the medicine within pour from our hearts

Let us suspend our plans, our ideas of how it should have been or should be now

And become medicine men and women in surrender and service to the One that will heal all.

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