A couple of messages from the lands within this morning..

There’s an energetic escalation at the moment so “mind the head. The fracturing we see happening outside is also happening in our minds .The same darkness that is vying for control “out there” is also trying to hijack on the inside .The torment you feel within is an epic battle between who you really are … Continue reading A couple of messages from the lands within this morning..

Femina & Masculus

The forgoing of personal sovereignty, responsibility and power,The disconnect between body and heart,Heart and mind ,Mind and spirit ,Human from its Mother Ground.The departure of the socially constructed personalityFrom its divine masculine and feminine roots(As seen expressed throughout Nature)Has lead us to a space in the timeline of humanity’s term on Earth,Where possession, pleasure, and … Continue reading Femina & Masculus

Control , Alt , Delete, Reset

Moderna (website ) explains MRNA gene editing technology Transhumanism? Trans;From Merriman- Webster Dictionary;Latin trans-, tra- across, beyond, through, so as to change, from trans across, beyond… “Beyond” Human?What does it mean for human to go beyond itself ?What is it that takes the human beyond itself ?Out beyond our human-ness what will be in charge … Continue reading Control , Alt , Delete, Reset


Peace Peace Peace In our hearts,In our thoughts,In our deeds,From our mouths,To our ears,In our bellies,Flowing from our fingers to the written word,Across the lands,Into the depth of the oceans,Throughout the skies,Upon our tired and weary Mother,In our waking,On our sleeping,In our intentions,In our joining,In the spaces between us all,Upon those we’ve harmed,Upon those who’ve … Continue reading Peace