Peace Peace Peace In our hearts,In our thoughts,In our deeds,From our mouths,To our ears,In our bellies,Flowing from our fingers to the written word,Across the lands,Into the depth of the oceans,Throughout the skies,Upon our tired and weary Mother,In our waking,On our sleeping,In our intentions,In our joining,In the spaces between us all,Upon those we’ve harmed,Upon those who’ve … Continue reading Peace

A Place Called Remembrance

In a moment you can’t remember, you appeared to your Holy Self,Timeless perfection,Language-less, history-less.You entered here an innocent child of the love between the Infinite and the Mother Ground.Wonder and awe encompassed every cell of your being at what you were witnessing.Every sense at its highest height absorbing the depth and breadth of Spirit made … Continue reading A Place Called Remembrance


To devise or explore ,Construct or create ,Trend or diverge,A goal or to journey,To assert or to sing ,A document or a poem ,An appointment or a season ,Concrete or Earth,Destroy or Birth,Warring faker or peacemaker,Order or the wild,Restrained or beguiled,To hear or to listen,Conform or rebel ,Shoes or bare feet ,To separate or merge … Continue reading Choices

Tall Tales

Tall tales told Ten by ten centuries old,Of mighty malevolent monsters bringing mayhem,And terror of their powers,Though truth be told,The lineage of Adam Long have laughed and leered at their Lord,Drawn a devil and declared it their deity,Themselves doing deeds more destructive,Than any tall tale they tell. ~Annette Morris Keane June 2014


The moola’s are scarce this week.So I said to Her “I’ll get you something nice for your birthday next week”She says “You won’t. There’s no need for that carry on.”“I know” I said, “I’ll write you a poem.”“You won’t”, She said.“Would you not like a poem written about you?”“I wouldn’t.” And this is how it … Continue reading Mam

The Secret Painter

Life paints itself,Infinitely flooding with flow & form & feature.It loves so mercilessly it cares notAbout the collisions & catastrophes,The exploding eruptions of its unfettered freedom of expression.Life is so full of itSelf,Every drop of its colour is bursting with its own potence.All at once it is unbound yet formed,Incalculably moulded.Every space on its canvas … Continue reading The Secret Painter


Know this.No body,no person,no home,no beliefs,no community,no country, no culture, no ideas,no creations,no goal,no destiny,no lover,no child,no cause,no effect,no joy,no sadness,no leader,no followers,no angels,no ghosts,no gurus,no gods.will take away your longing to wake and know the One.You may find temporary reprieve from the suffering of sleepbut until you surrender to Her your dream remains.Whatever you … Continue reading Wait….