Peace Peace Peace In our hearts,In our thoughts,In our deeds,From our mouths,To our ears,In our bellies,Flowing from our fingers to the written word,Across the lands,Into the depth of the oceans,Throughout the skies,Upon our tired and weary Mother,In our waking,On our sleeping,In our intentions,In our joining,In the spaces between us all,Upon those we’ve harmed,Upon those who’ve … Continue reading Peace

Decolonise Your Mind

Things beautiful decent humans have been convinced to do this past year ; Love but lock down .Protect but stay distant.Care for but isolate.Be in it together but stay apart.Healthy people are probably sick .Abandon critical thinking .Millionaires and billionaires have our best interests at heart.Science is unquestionable .Questioners are crazy or dangerous and must … Continue reading Decolonise Your Mind

In 2003 I was one of over 100,000 protestors on the streets of Dublin against the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. and U.K. killing machines. We also protested against Ireland’s non- neutral role and endorsement of the murder of thousands of innocents , by permitting the war machines to stop over here on the … Continue reading

Cruinnú (Gather)

There is an inherent intelligence built into us that knows how to relate to, to support and be supported by the rest of Nature, how to share in the abundance of Life without needing to fearfully conquer, hoard and control . I believe this is an inbuilt memory we can relatively easily recall once we choose to do it together .

Off the main road …

Emo Court, Co. Laois. What a beauty! Sister Tree and her Brother Human hanging out in the red Resurrection . Renewal . Rebirth . Life keeps on living no matter what we think . Portal (to where?) at Garryhinch Woods . My precious fairy child wild and free on the Sliabh Bloom Mountaims DANCE there … Continue reading Off the main road …